About Us

Just a heads up to save you reading time, I am a Christian and will write about God, Jesus and faith sometimes so if that bothers you, then this is not the blog for you.  Also, most posts are my opinion, from my experience, or things I personally find helpful regarding adoption, so if you disagree with my opinion or don’t find things useful, I don’t need offensive comments or arguing, just feel free to move on down the Internet line.

So with that little disclaimer, here begins our journey…


Hi, I’m Heather (aka 3 Day Mommy).  I am a work at home mom, which is a great privilege and stress, but allows me lots of time with Little Man (aka LM), who is almost 2 years old now.  I am married to Cherokee (aka C) who will also be contributing on the blog from time to time.  We also have 4 dogs and a cat, plus we dog sit frequently, so things are crazy around here.

I wanted to start this blog for many reasons.  Adoption is a lifelong passion for me, from my work to now being an adoptive parent myself.  I am a very no-nonsense type person and I want to be a great resource to anyone touched by adoption, whether that means helping you navigate the process yourself or help support friends or family who are on that journey.  I am going to be telling it like it really is (at least from my experience) and I hope this can help. I have found that actual straightforward adoption info can be hard to find, so I want to be that resource.  No unicorns and rainbows here people, just the realities.  I have experience with foster care/adoptions, private adoptions and international adoptions, so I hope there will be something for everyone here.